Peppermint Candy  (2000)
Starring: Seol Kyung-Gu, Mun So-Ri, Kim Yeo-Jin
Director:Lee Chang-Dong
Production:East Films
Distribution:Shindo Films, Cineclick Asia
Country:South Korea

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About Peppermint Candy
"PEPPERMINT CANDY is a sweet-centered movie wrapped in a tart coating.A meditation on lost Innocence paralleing south korea's evolution over the past 20 years・ film stil works, however, on a human level, thanks to excellent playing by all the leads."
- Derek Elley, VERIETY -

"A Korean melodrama of virtuoso construction ・ As the story goes along, what happens becomes more and more simple and paradoxically more and more moving ・PEPPERMINT CANDY retraces over20 years the itinerary of Kim Yongho,a complex and multifaceted character・ PEPPERMINT CANDY is a beautiful melodrama unpolished(in the simplicity of its melodramatic effects.).The film sets up with much elegance this multi-layered pastry of reminiscences and tropisms. It mixes the virtues of a romance novel (a teardrop rolling down the cheeks of two lovers separated for decades seals a pact that life has not stopped straining) with political commentary (the police interrogation scence are of a stupefying brutality) and with poetic meditation."
- Jean-Marc Lalanne, LIBERATION(France) -

"For the spectator put in reverse, a certain indifference hovers over when found confronted with people and situations whose connections are not grasped at the moment they are seen, whose bonds are found always father upstream・ Beyond this frustration, PEPPERMINT CANDY spreads its caustic flavors well after it is seen."
- Sophie Bonnet, LES INROCKUPTIBLES(France) -

"a small masterpiece of emotion and narrative virtuosity・"
- Thierry Riviere, NICE-MATIN(France) -

"The film's strength lies in the progressive accumulation of tragedies, betrayals, lies・ Emotion wins over gradually until the moment when the main character arrives at the end th the same place and discovers the place where he will die 20 years later.A sublime ending for the film where the character cries at foreseeing his future・"
"・ a force of impact respectful of the declared game of the genre・"
- Cristina Piccino, IL MANIFESTO(Italy) -

"・the movie possesses all the exquisite qualities that made Korean art-house films such a hit on the festival circuit during the 1990s・ cleverly uses political themes to comment on the human condition ・ the chief focus here is psychological rather than historical・"
- Richard James Havis, MOVING PICTURES -

"For a second film, writer-director Lee Chang-Dong's PEPPERMINT CANDY shows an enviable maturity.His style is accomplished and the thought behind it is considerable・ the longer you watch PEPPERMINT CANDY, the stronger it seems, helped along by excellent acting and musical score ・"
"Peppermint Candy" spans 20 years in the life of one man, Yongho, from his callow teens to his fraught and self-hating middle age. Called up for military service in 1980, he has the misfortune to be part of the force sent to quell the popular uprising in Kwangju-which means he is involved in the Korean equivalent of the Tiananmen Square massacre. Emotionally and psychologically blighted, he joins the police after leaving the army and becomes an expert in torturing arrested leftists. He brutally rejects the childhood sweetheart who has come looking for him, bringing the peppermint candies because he used to love them. The film's seven chapters are presented in reverse-chronological order, so it begins with Yongho's middle-aged death wish and ends with his first date with the only person he ever really cares for...