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Bedroom and Courtroom (1998)

积苞何 困磊丰 没备家价

genre: Comedy
country: South Korea
Though he has worked like a slave entrusting his personal passion to the company, a manager Choo Hyeong-Do falls in a crisis to be wasted out due to an order of placement on a waiting list. His wife Lee Kyeong-Ja claims alimony of 200 million won against the company demanding compensation of her life as a grass widow for last years. Though Myeong Seong-Ki, a corporate lawyer of Il San Corporation that enlarges its size by land speculation and raising secret fund, considers this lawsuit as 'a piece of cake', it is not such a easy thing to deal with. Since his wife and enemy Lee Ki-Ja, a lawyer, charges counterpart's defense she is jointed with Lee Kyong-Ja to win the lawsuit insisting she only takes different seat with the plaintiff. This film is social comedy that contains sharp malicious words and excessive jokes about twisted reality.

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Duration: 116mins
Released: Aug 1, 1998

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Production: Cinema Service
Distribution: Cinema Service

Color: Color
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