Spring in My Hometown  (1998)
아름다운 시절
Starring: Lee In, Ahn Seong-Gi, Bae Yu-Jeong
Director:Lee Gwang-Mo
Genre:Drama, Traditional
Country:South Korea

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About Spring in My Hometown
By mediation of Seong-Min's eldest sister, Young-Suk who associates with an American officer, as Mr. Choi, Seong-Min's father gets a job in the US army base, Seong-Min's is getting better. Meanwhile An Seong Daek, Chang-Hee's mother who rents a room of annex building in Seong-Min's, manages hard life with two little children waiting for her husband who was taken to volunteer army by force 2 years ago and never sends a news. Unable to stand to watch at An Seong Daek who is too careworn by poverty to maintain living, Mr. Choi arranges for her a washing job that she has to wash American soldiers' underwears. However she is robbed of the underlinens that were dried at riverside at all. When she is anxious because she can't find a way to get back the lost washings, an American staff sergeant demands An Seong Daek to have a sex in the deserted windmill outside of the village. In the mean time Seong-Min and Chang-Min, who roam around the whole village looking for something to play, came to know that the mill of outskirts of the village is used for sex of American soldiers and prostitutes with their classmates. Since then Seong-Min and Chang-Hee steal glance at love affairs behind the mill and one day they came to witness the scene of An Seong Daek and the American soldier are making love. The mill is mysteriously caught in flame and Chang-Hee disappears without leaving only a word...........