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Declaration as Genius (1995)


genre: Comedy
country: South Korea
One day a suspicious-looking man appears in Pagoda Park. His name is Young-Seong. At this moment there is a man who keeps eye on his behavior in a corner of the park filming with his camcorder. He is a self-appointed film director called Ahn Sang-Ki. He follows Young-Seong as he witness an aura in the back of his head while Young-Seong is lost in following a high school girl who he finds by chance. Her name is Jin-Kyeong. Three people get to meet in a rock cafe and they grow intimate gradually with each other. Meanwhile they came to contact with many VIPs in higher place by introduce of a madame called Seol-Hee who owns a high class kisaeng house. Form heroes with various injustice to Eo-Reun or influential figures, Young-Seong predicts their futures while Sang-Ki collects money. And then Jin-Kyeong gets to harbor a solid dream to have Young-Seong's baby while Sang-Ki grows his dream to produce a film as he sensed the money and the power are getting closer to him. Young-Seong, contrast to them, begins to feel he is slowly running out of his energy.

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Duration: 93mins
Released: Jul 1, 1995

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Production: Movie World

Color: Color
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