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Taebaek Mountains, The (1994)

¹, The Tae Baek Mountains

genre: Drama
country: South Korea
In the turbulent history of deepen confrontation between right wing and left wing after liberation, Yeo Su-Sun Cheon rebellion takes place in October 1948. The left wing whose leader is Yeom Sang-Jin occupies Beol Kyo to remove anti-communists but they retreat to Jo Kye Mountain with defeated rebel army. The right wing including the police investigates the left wing-related people and their families as they come back while Yeom Sang-Ku, a head inspector of Dae Dong Youth Union, takes the lead in doing anything bad such as violating a partisan Kang Dong-Shik's wife due to his hatred toward his brother Yeom Sang-Jin. Meanwhile Jeong Ha-Seob, direct agent of the provincial party, sneaks into the house of a shaman, So-Hwa. As So-Hwa runs errands for him, they get to fall in love with each other overcoming the difference of their status. Kim Beom-Wu, a teacher of Sun Cheon middle school and nationalist, criticizes both of left and right wing but rather he experience troubles being charged as a red. As Yeom Sang-Jin and his party occupies Yul Eo as liberated zone, Shim Jae-Mo, head of punitive force, and Kim Beom-Wu realize national issues and carry out reasonable and moderate policies but they are faced with landlords' opposition. Though he succeeds in regaining Yul Eo, he is urged to transferred after all. Kim Boem-Wu suffers from watching those who are sacrificed by madness of ideology and he has a premonition of war. The partisans led by Yeom Sang-Jin get news that the war is broken out in harsh starvation and despair due to winter punitive operation of the army and the police from winter of 1948.......

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Duration: 168mins
Released: Sep 17, 1994

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Production: Taehung Pictures

Format: 35mm Film
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
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