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Truth Game, The (2000)


genre: Thriller
country: South Korea
In the heat of a pop singer Ha-rok Cho's concert his fan club members are being frantic. At that time his dead body is getting cold in the basement parking lot with his chest stabbed by an injector. The cause is shock death from drug excess. Right after this the leader of his fan club, Da-hye, surrenders herself to the police. The case appears to be completed with ease under the conclusion of 'retaliative murder against rape'. In the meantime public prosecutor Cho who is behind others in power game comes to take charge of this simple-looking murder case, and his junior prosecutor takes his original case. Cho, feeling crisis, makes pertinacious investigation for his case and intends to use it as a springboard of his restoration. He also magnifies it into a subject of social argument on the press... He is totally unfamiliar with a girl, Da-Hye, although she is the same age of his daughter. He finds out her double-faced nature in the crossed statements from fan club members, manager, her mother, etc. The murder case gets complicated. One single clue is the girl's statement. As he continues to question her, he feels sympathy for her. And his emotion is developed to unrecognizable desire... In her statement that she was raped by Ha-rok right before the crime he has some doubt. During his thorough investigation of the crime scene he finds out fan club members and the singer held a tremendous party named 'candle party' with drug and sex......

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Duration: 106mins
Released: Mar 18, 2000

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Production: Moviemaker

Format: 35mm Film
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
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