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Im Kwon-Taek
임권택, Im Gweon-Taek

Birth Date: May 02, 1936
Job: Director
Country: South Korea

Im Kwon-Taek was born in Jangsung, South Cholla Province in 1936. At the age of 26, he made his debut with [Farewell Duman River](1962) and produced some 50 genre-films under the apprenticeship. Beginning with 1979’s [The Hidden Hero], [Jjak-ko](1980) and [Mandala](1981), his films became the talk f film industry from both the domestic and international critics alike. Im gained a world-wide fame with [Surrogate Woman](1986), [Aje Aje Bara Aje](1989) and [Sopyonje](1993), becoming the most recognizable Korean film director. [Chunhyang] is the first Korean film ever to enter the competition section at Cannes.   
Revivre (2014)
Hanji (2011)
Raging Years (2004)
Chihwaseon (2002)
Chunhyang (2000)
Downfall (1997)
Festival (1996)
Sopyonje (1993)
Adada (1987)
Ticket (1986)
Gilsodom (1986)
Mist Village (1983)
Two Old Men (1980)
Tomorrow (1979)
Wife (1976)
Yeonhwa 2 (1975)
Yeonhwa (1975)
I Won't Cry (1974)
Weeds (1973)
Testimony (1973)
Man of Wind (1968)
Nostalgia (1967)
Swordsman, A (1967)
Nilriri (1966)
Sinmungo (1963)
Mangbuseok (1963)

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