Daemang TV Series OST

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Also Known As:The Great Ambition, A Great Hope
Director:Kim Jong-Hak
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Traditional
Release Date:Dec 30, 2010
Product Made In:Thailand
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Studio: Amigo Entertainment

1. Main Title
2. 비망
3. 어둠 속의 빛
4. 세상 끝까지
5. 내안의 사랑
6. 화신
7. 또 다른 날을 위해
8. 푸른 문신
9. 내가 가는 길
10. 언제까지나
11. 지금은
12. 바라볼수 있다면
13. 하나이기에 내겐...슬픔
14. 열정
15. 기도
16. 마지막 바램
About Daemang TV Series
Broadcast: October 12, 2002 ~ January 5, 2003
Episodes: 26

A woman left her newborn child at the doorsteps of a rich merchant, stating that the child was of the merchant's blood. Eighteen years later, the small child grew up to be Park Jae Young (Jang Hyuk), the younger son of PHC. He was a warm-hearted person though a bit naive in the ways of the world and was often being used by his scheming elder brother Park Si Young (Han Jae Suk)who was a person totally lacking in moral.PSY lived to satisfy his own ambition and not concerned whom he hurt along the way.Not knowing Yoon Yeo Jin (Lee Yo Won) was of the aristocratic class, PJY had loved her since they were small children. YYJ also loved him and tried to ignore her higher class status. When PJY ran away from home after finding out that his father and elder brother killed the family of a govt official for refusing his bribe and tricked his friends into admitting the crime, he encountered Choi Dong Hee (Son Yeh Jin) and her merchant father. Through these people, he also got to meet the mother he had never seen who by this time has become a powerful political lobbyist. Into the mix, the fight over who would be the next emporer was getting intense with the 2 brothers supporting different sides. Will good trimph over evil?